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MCT Chemicals is a leading name in Pakistan’s construction chemicals industry. We’re built on the principle of “Building Trust,” and that goes beyond just top-quality products. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our clients, providing unwavering support, and exceeding expectations through constant innovation.

At MCT Chemicals, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality construction chemicals to meet the diverse needs of your construction projects in Pakistan. Browse our extensive online catalog to discover the perfect solutions for your specific requirements. Our user-friendly e-commerce platform allows you to conveniently purchase the construction chemicals you need, all from the comfort of your own office or home.

From foundations to finishes, MCT Chemicals is your one-stop shop for premium construction chemicals in Pakistan. We offer unparalleled service and a dedication to innovation that keeps your projects on the cutting edge.

Our Principle

Our Mission

Our Core Values

MCT Chemicals is built on a foundation of core values that guide everything we do. These values ensure we deliver the highest quality construction chemicals and exceptional service to our valued clients. Our commitment translates into tangible actions across various aspects of construction, as reflected in the following core principles:


MCT Chemicals offers a comprehensive range of protective construction chemicals to safeguard your project from the elements. Our high-performance waterproofing membranes, sealants, and coatings shield your building against water damage, corrosion, and UV degradation, ensuring lasting beauty and structural integrity.

Building Strength

Our superior bonding adhesives guarantee a strong and secure foundation for your construction project. From anchoring rebar to adhering tiles and panels, MCT Chemicals provides a variety of high-strength bonding solutions that create a unified structure, ensuring optimal performance and longevity


MCT Chemicals offers a complete selection of high-quality leveling compounds and grouts to ensure a smooth and stable foundation for your project. Our innovative formulas provide exceptional self-leveling properties, superior strength, and excellent adhesion, creating a perfect base for floor coverings, tiles, and other installations. Choose MCT Chemicals for a flawless and long-lasting finish.

Controlling the Climate

Moisture management is crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. MCT Chemicals offers a range of advanced humidity protection solutions designed to combat the damaging effects of excess moisture. From vapor barriers and membranes to specialized coatings, our products help regulate humidity levels, prevent mold growth, and ensure the long-term integrity of your building.

Repair and Restoration

Time and wear can take a toll on any building. MCT Chemicals provides a comprehensive line of repair and restoration products specifically formulated to revitalize and strengthen existing structures. Our high-performance solutions address cracks, spalling, and other issues, extending the lifespan of your building and enhancing its overall value.

Concrete Care

Our concrete admixtures and curing compounds are designed to optimize the performance and aesthetics of your concrete projects. From improving workability and strength to enhancing surface finish and durability, MCT Chemicals offers a range of concrete care solutions that elevate the quality and lifespan of your concrete structures.

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